About Dr. Bonin

Troy graduated from U.T. Dental Branch-Houston in 1993. Practicing general dentistry for over 20 years, his private practice in Magnolia, Tx is filled with loyal patients who trust his conservative approach to dentistry. Dr. Bonin treats each patient with sincere care and is known to say, “Dentistry is my ministry.”

Within his practice he enjoys changing lives by improving the most compromised smiles. Dr. Bonin tackles difficult cases with confidence, concern and counsel. He is always growing in knowledge and skill.

Married to his bride for 25 years, he and Terri have been blessed with eleven children, four in-loves, and two grandchildren. A few of the kids hope to continue in their father’s footsteps and can be found working alongside their father during the week. Dr. Bonin runs a true family practice.

Dr. Bonin and his family: